Do People Really Value Your Work? (or When to Know to Let It Go)

Fiverr is a website where you can buy and sell cheap micro-jobs, called “gigs”. The lowest price must be $5 US. You can of course add other packages and extras, for more expensive jobs. But the site is still largely for cheap gigs. Just for fun, and to eventually extend my online portfolio, I became a seller on Fiverr few weeks ago. I hardly took off yet, but I can say I already had some interesting experience there with some clients (and potential clients), worth mentioning here.

Underpaid Jobs That Make Us Happy

I had only a few jobs in my life that brought me, at least for a brief period of time, a simple feeling of liberating happiness. I felt like people depended on me. In true honesty, they were also glad I did not cost them too much, but does this really matter? In most other jobs I had, I made good money, but I never experienced the same feelings again. Which is sad…

How to Control What Software Developers Do

Let’s face it, there is an issue. We may continue to pretend we pack them today at large tables in a small noisy room to improve the communication (it’s called Agile!), fact is main reason is still managers want to keep a closer eye on them and their screens.